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MBA/Grad School Admissions Course

  • For applicants to MBA and other grad school programs.
  • May take before OR after preparing for/taking GMAT/GRE.
  • Delivered 95%
Duration:  Five weeks, one three-hour in-classroom instruction per week.

About seven (7) hours of online instruction, usually live with recording for those who can’t make it.

Total instruction hours:  22 hours
Estimated individual homework burden:  Average 5-7 hours/week

Lesson Plan / Syllabus

Nine modules, within five weeks. Some module content will be spread over two or more weeks. Every week will combine two or three modules to keep pace going and better integrate complimentary skills.

  • Introduction: You, The MBA and Your Career.
  • Understand your audience: The Admissions Committee (AdCom) Reader(s).
  • Planning: Deadlines, deliverables and delays.
  • Making the most out of recommenders: It’s more than a letter.
  • Résumé / CV writing: The American (and B-school’s approach) to Résumé.
  • Essay Writing:
  • Additional Communications with AdComs, officers, alumni…
  • Interview Preparation & Practice
  • Conclusion & final steps: Waitlist management, scholarship search